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It's our PODVERSARY!!! We've got CHATSMASH! We've got Joe Moe!
We're talking all about our Haunted Objects and a lot of other random stuff.
Thank you all so much for putting...

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This week we're talking clones, dopplegangers, magical instruments, and the mysterious 27 Club!
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June 8, 2021

Drunk Theory Promo

We finally got a promo!

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June 2, 2021

Watergate Salad!

Well.... we're supposed to be talking about Presidential Conspiracies, but we end up with a bunch of movie quotes, some singing, some dick jokes, and a recipe for Watergate Salad. We tried. We really did.
Head on over to to find more ...

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May 26, 2021

Hot Mess!

This week we're talking all about FIRE conspiracies! Spontaneous Combustion, Fire Walking, the Sodder Children? We've got it all!
We're coming in hot with our nonsense this week, but we may have actually solved the Spontaneous Combustion mystery.
Head on...

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This week we're talking about Broadcast Conspiracies! We've got Number Stations, Channel 37, Max Headroom, and Tin Foil Hats!
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May 5, 2021

Royal Conspiracies!

This week we're talking about The Tower Princes, Charlie Chaplin, The Black Dinner, and King Tut...
We also go off on a bunch of wild tangents about... well, everything!
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This week we've got Rashad from Blood & Firewater podcast with us talking about Music Conspiracies!
Disclaimer: We got WAY too drunk and it was WAY too long... so we've decided to split it in 2 parts. This part will feature Rashad talking about Kurt Coba...

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April 14, 2021

Kennedy's Sandwich!

This week we're talking our favorite Kooky Conspiracies! Where is Josh? Who stole Kennedy's lunch? Is Avril Lavigne a clone? Join us for this super silly episode!
We're also talking about our contests, going on all over the social medias! Enter to win a ...

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April 7, 2021

Corporate Conspiracies!

This week we get silly with some crazy corporate conspiracies. Join us as we talk about Milli Vanilli, Chuck E Cheese, Mattress Firm, and a whole bunch of nonsense!
Don't forget we've got contests galore! Be sure to follow all of our social media for det...

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About the Hosts

Mathew Madden


Mathew is co-host of the Drunk Theory Podcast. His skills include doing research at the absolute last second before recording and throwing up more than normal people should while having a night of drinks. His favorite websites to cite during episodes are Google and Wikipedia. Not quite as aggressive as the rest of the cast but always willing to attempt the grueling task of keeping everyone on topic.

Kara Crumpton


Kara is a co-host of the Drunk Theory Podcast. She's a professional bullshit artist full of stupid questions. Sometimes it's amazing how child-like her mentality is. Combine that with alcohol and arguments from the rest of the cast and you're guaranteed to have a good laugh.

Kelli Madden

Scientist, Researcher, Bartender

Kelli is the resident scientist and official bartender of the Drunk Theory Podcast. Great at doing more research than anyone else and finding off the wall drink recipes for each episode. She brings a scientific perspective to the otherwise uneducated ramblings of her fellow co-hosts even when they don't believe. Great at making drinks and yelling about how the rest of the cast is wrong!

Ryan D.


Ryan is a man of mystery, he's so mysterious in fact that we don't even know his last name. He kinda just moves about the shadows, lurking in the background, coming and going as he pleases. In all seriousness Ryan is a co-host of Drunk Theory Podcast when the stars are right and our schedules align. He's always there to drop some straight facts on you peasants. He's a little more of a conspiracy buff than the rest of the cast so it's always good to get his take on things. If there is a conspiracy theory that he doesn't know about we'd be surprised!


Official Mascot

Mango the dog, we decided to make him the official mascot because he's just so darn cute. Usually he can be found in the background of our audio barking at random things he thinks he sees outside or fast asleep in the middle of the room.