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Dec. 22, 2021

2021 Sh*t Show

For our last episode of the year we're talking about all the funny stuff that happened, all the amazing people we met, and all the awesome times we've had during our little podcast adventure!
We've got a couple new stories, and Kelli finally makes it thr...

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In honor of Mat's birthday, we're talking all about December this week!
Elizabeth Bathory, Dead Santa, Bobo Dolls, Poisoned Booze?!?!? YEP!
We've got a Promo by FMWL Pod. Go find them and give em a listen! We love them... and so will you!
We're doing a 3...

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This week we're talking about what happened the years we were born! Join us for the inside scoop on 1980, 1981, and 1988.
Fake Arabs, Invisible Dot People, Cocaine Sharks? Yep!
Promo by Tamara at the Break of Dawn. GO find her and show her some love. She...

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Nov. 10, 2021

Weird Science!

This week we're gettin' freaky with some outrageous science experiments! We've got Prison Balls, Turkey Faces, Stolen Brains and Two-Headed Dogs!
We learn about the complexities of Dry Ice and remember that Spam is... a thing that exists.
We're starting ...

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This week we're talking all about Dairy Conspiracies! Thanks to our 5000th Twitter follower, we had a super fun topic this week.
Join us as we talk about People Burgers, Butter,  Miley Cyrus, and Government Milk!
Promo by Not Before Coffee! Go find her, ...

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Join us for our 35th official episode! This week we tackle conspiracies involving the number 35.
Andy Kauffman, Chernobyl, Henry Lucas.... we've got it all.
Promo by Why Whiskey podcast. Go find 'em and show 'em some love!
Thank you all again for listeni...

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Sept. 29, 2021

F**d Up Families!

This week we're talking about some of our favorite Dysfunctional Families. Join us as we talk about Britney Spears, New York Crime Families, Malcolm Wilkerson and Hank Hill.
Promos by Scottish Murders Podcast and Not Again! Podcast.
Listener Story by Chi...

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Sept. 15, 2021


This week we're talking all about conspiracies from Georgia!
Hear about Altie the Sea Monster, Lake Lanier, the Georgia Guidestones, and the Coweta Murder.
Haunted Margaritaville? YEP. We also revisit whale dicks, and talk about R.C. Cola's part in the a...

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This week we went LIVE with Lauren from Beer'd Al Podcast! Here's a semi-edited version... you can see the whole unedited video on our YouTube channel!
Hear about the actual Weird Al / Elon Musk conspiracy. Learn about Bat Boy and the Weekly World News c...

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Aug. 18, 2021


This week we're joined by Rashad and Lite Brite from Blood & Firewater Podcast, talking all things witchy!
Witch Doctors, Witch Hunters, the Vinegar Lady, Roots?!?!? We've got it all!
Make sure to find Blood & Firewater wherever you get your podcasts and...

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About the Hosts

Mathew Madden


Mathew is co-host of the Drunk Theory Podcast. His skills include doing research at the absolute last second before recording and throwing up more than normal people should while having a night of drinks. His favorite websites to cite during episodes are Google and Wikipedia. Not quite as aggressive as the rest of the cast but always willing to attempt the grueling task of keeping everyone on topic.

Kara Crumpton


Kara is a co-host of the Drunk Theory Podcast. She's a professional bullshit artist full of stupid questions. Sometimes it's amazing how child-like her mentality is. Combine that with alcohol and arguments from the rest of the cast and you're guaranteed to have a good laugh.

Kelli Madden

Scientist, Researcher, Bartender

Kelli is the resident scientist and official bartender of the Drunk Theory Podcast. Great at doing more research than anyone else and finding off the wall drink recipes for each episode. She brings a scientific perspective to the otherwise uneducated ramblings of her fellow co-hosts even when they don't believe. Great at making drinks and yelling about how the rest of the cast is wrong!

Ryan D.


Ryan is a man of mystery, he's so mysterious in fact that we don't even know his last name. He kinda just moves about the shadows, lurking in the background, coming and going as he pleases. In all seriousness Ryan is a co-host of Drunk Theory Podcast when the stars are right and our schedules align. He's always there to drop some straight facts on you peasants. He's a little more of a conspiracy buff than the rest of the cast so it's always good to get his take on things. If there is a conspiracy theory that he doesn't know about we'd be surprised!


Official Mascot

Mango the dog, we decided to make him the official mascot because he's just so darn cute. Usually he can be found in the background of our audio barking at random things he thinks he sees outside or fast asleep in the middle of the room.