Super Fun Show!

Super fun, great chemistry between hosts and guests! Definitely a show to keep up with, loved it!


There is no other word for this podcast. Hilarious. I also love their theme music.

Absolutely Hilarious

This show keeps us laughing. I’m pretty sure they could make the phone book funny. Subscribe now!

Wildly funny

Larger than life personalities and a ton of fun discussion! It can be a bit crass, but that’s hardly ever a bad thing. The chemistry and dynamics are all fantastic!

Check out this great pod

This is a great listen. Despite there being a unifying topic each week, you're still going to get a broad swath of fun information each week. Really great group dynamic, too. All in all, a blast to listen to.

This podcast is a DRUNK THRILL

I am a former drinker, but I enjoy this podcast. Listening to this brings me way back to my party days where I had a few too many mad dog 20/20s and steel reserves (I was BROKE, okay?!) and got all profound on people (really probably was the only one who understood a word I said but whatever) I remember the drunken deep dives I took on conspiracy YouTube back in 2009 and this podcast took me back. Also oddly took me back to the time I worked at Cheddars when I was 18. Also, I love how they don’t worry about what anyone thinks, they just have a nice conversation over drinks. Thank you for this truly wonderful gem. <3 your friends at A Nefarious Nightmare Pod

Great time with great friends!

This show is so laidback and fun to listen to! A 45 minute episode flies by! Would recommend to everyone! -HHWTHB

Drinking Buddies

These are your drinking buddies that you tell yourself you shouldn’t hang out with every weekend, but you have so much fun with them that you simply can’t help yourself! Such a great show!

#1 - Southern 👌🏽

Secondly, what amazing album artwork! And seriously, so glad to see more southerners talking about the goings on down here!

I feel very attacked!

Why do I do the same thing as these people here??? Get drunk and spill conspiracy theories??? Laughing has never been easier! Need a laugh, come listen to Drunk Theory!

So fun!

Drunk theory is so much fun. I love to talk about conspiracy theories, and this show makes to so much fun. I highly recommend.

Great Laugh

These three are such a laugh! This is a super laid back podcast and I really enjoyed hearing about the conspiracy theories. I learned a lot but it wasn’t stuffy or slow at all! Definitely a good listen

Who can’t get behind this?

First of all, even if you don’t buy in, conspiracies are fun. Add a themed drink and a lot of laughs and you’ve got a great show. Can’t turn them off! Love it.


Okay so conspiracy + alcohol is all I ever needed! These guys keep me laughing and feed my conspiracy theorist soul! Tons of giggling from start to finish. Definitely recommend and there’s a little something for everyone 🥰🥰🥰🥰 highly recommend there music conspiracy’s episodes! Here for it all!! -Brii (Labpartnerspod)

Doing drunk history right!

This show has the perfect mix of giggles, hiccups and inadvertent distraction that you would hope from a podcast with hosts getting drunk. Absolutely will entertain you.

oh my god yes

tons of fun a must listen. I wasn't sure what to expect but I should have expected greatness. excellent podcast I clicked for entertainment and they delivered

So much fun

Total fun from start to finish. I listened to their music theory episode and everyone was riot. Loved it.

Even good if your sober!

I’m almost a year sober and instead of being drunk annoying idiots this group is very funny and entertaining! If I could give 6 stars I would!


Omg I instantly loved all of you. It’s great to listen to a podcast where everyone is having a great time and you find yourself trying to join the conversation (🙋🏻‍♀️) with your own theory. I started with the “Time Travler” episode and I had a lot I wanted to add to the convo lol love it and I will be listening to more ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️~Lydia ❣️✌🏼 #onewomansopinionpodcast


I’m always up for comedy, and I didn’t have any expectations. Put a mic in a room and get a few peeps to drink and discuss. Ensue the hilarity. We all have no idea what’s going on, they have no idea what’s going on, and so what’s left but to drink and laugh about it? I was in tears, laughing once again to myself so that all the neighbors could hear. It’s the pandemic, they get it. Anywho, I wish you listeners well in your adventures with this podcast :) Started with their 1st episode about the Moon Landing. My favorite part: no intro, no “this is what we’re doing.” Like just GO, strap in and listen.

Take a listen!

Conspiracies over some cocktails? Sign us up! Solid podcast with great conversation & content! Hit play already! - #ODPH

This Show Is So Much Fun!

I’ve always enjoyed a show where it’s clear the hosts are having a good time, and Drunk Theory is no exception! Love how, as it seems the conspiracies are getting more complex and confusing as the episodes go on, the hosts are naturally getting tipsier. A must listen! -Filmshake

Uh, I like this show a lot! Like a lot a lot!

This podcast is frickin’ charming. Love the chemistry between the hosts and their ability to craft a tale. The conversations are joyous, entertaining, and informative. Listen to their latest one on the actual Kennedy Sandwich to hear what I mean. Stop reading this review and just click subscribe. You won’t regret.

The turn up is real!

Come turn up with Drunk Theory! Chaotic fun, in the absolute best way, you won’t be disappointed. Grab your favorite drink, press play, and get ready for all the laughs. - Jamal, Thanks for Coming Podcast

Learned a ton!

What a fun show! The crew has amazing chemistry together which made the episode I listened to flyby! I also learned a lot. I listened to their episode on government coverups. I knew about the Russian hikers and their disappearance but I didn’t know about all the details. Truly a great show! Highly recommend! - Game For A Movie

Lots of laughs

Ohhh wow this show is hilarious!! The hosts have such a good time and I love their wild tangents in their convos, as well as their interesting conspiracy theories 😂 Katherine -A Few Bad Apples

Funny Theories

I love the group dynamic, the laughter, and the “What the heck?” moments. This podcast brings a whole new light to conspiracies, coverups, and mysteries. Plus, I occasionally feel like I’ve learned something from them. There are always new discoveries to make about the world.

Really Fun!

I found this great podcast on their Twitter account and I’m really glad I did! The topics are fun and the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously. Definitely take the time and subscribe ✅ you’ll definitely find a topic that will grab your attention


It’s like Jeopardy....but with drunk people 😂 Not sure that’s exactly accurate since this isn’t a game show, but it was definitely pretty entertaining listening to them rehash the many ways people tried to kill Fidel Castro in the Government Cover Ups episode.

Love it!

Great podcast! Love the chemistry and the banter and who doesn’t love a good accent? Binge worthy material!!