The turn up is real!

Come turn up with Drunk Theory! Chaotic fun, in the absolute best way, you won’t be disappointed. Grab your favorite drink, press play, and get ready for all the laughs. - Jamal, Thanks for Coming Podcast

Learned a ton!

What a fun show! The crew has amazing chemistry together which made the episode I listened to flyby! I also learned a lot. I listened to their episode on government coverups. I knew about the Russian hikers and their disappearance but I didn’t know about all the details. Truly a great show! Highly …

Lots of laughs

Ohhh wow this show is hilarious!! The hosts have such a good time and I love their wild tangents in their convos, as well as their interesting conspiracy theories 😂 Katherine -A Few Bad Apples

Funny Theories

I love the group dynamic, the laughter, and the “What the heck?” moments. This podcast brings a whole new light to conspiracies, coverups, and mysteries. Plus, I occasionally feel like I’ve learned something from them. There are always new discoveries to make about the world.

Really Fun!

I found this great podcast on their Twitter account and I’m really glad I did! The topics are fun and the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously. Definitely take the time and subscribe ✅ you’ll definitely find a topic that will grab your attention


It’s like Jeopardy....but with drunk people 😂 Not sure that’s exactly accurate since this isn’t a game show, but it was definitely pretty entertaining listening to them rehash the many ways people tried to kill Fidel Castro in the Government Cover Ups episode.

Love it!

Great podcast! Love the chemistry and the banter and who doesn’t love a good accent? Binge worthy material!!

Terrific show

Drunk Theory is a hilarious time and is exactly as described on the tin. As a fan of Drunk History, I knew I was in for a good time, and the show's even better than that!

Super fun content

Loved listening to the monsters episode as someone who has been fascinated by legends like Bigfoot and the Jersey devil . The only thing better than the banter are the accents truly loved and enjoyed this show! Check it out !!! -Quips and Dips Podcast

More than a little

I laughed more than a little. Right away, I knew it was going to be funny. Getting loaded and talking about things you’d have to be drunk to believe. I had fun and will return.

Super fun!

All of the joys of being drunk talking about stuff without having to clean up the house afterwards. Solid show!

Until Proven Wrong

Drunk Theory is the podcast equivalent of a late night filled with drinking with friends that turns towards the macabre and conspiracy theory sometime around 2 AM. It's hilarious, fascinating, and genuinely fun to listen to. Any show discussing Mandela Effect gets bonus points from me. Give them a …

What a Fun show!

This show is really great! And unique. Three (or more) drunken friends and family discuss conspiracies and while they are wrong about some (we went to the moon guys) it isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. They are all really funny and I cannot imagine how much better the show is…