Drunk Theory

This podcast is a DRUNK THRILL

I am a former drinker, but I enjoy this podcast. Listening to this brings me way back to my party days where I had a few too many mad dog 20/20s and steel reserves (I was BROKE, okay?!) and got all profound on people (really probably was the only one who understood a word I said but whatever) I remember the drunken deep dives I took on conspiracy YouTube back in 2009 and this podcast took me back. Also oddly took me back to the time I worked at Cheddars when I was 18. Also, I love how they don’t worry about what anyone thinks, they just have a nice conversation over drinks. Thank you for this truly wonderful gem.

<3 your friends at A Nefarious Nightmare Pod

Nov. 4, 2021 by team CourtNate and Anna Banana on Apple Podcasts

Drunk Theory